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Prof. Garg represents prominent institutions like California State University campuses in Silicon Valley and Wichita State University in Kansas. He specializes in guiding students to pursue MS or MBA degree programs under self-supporting modes, minimizing financial burdens while enabling them to work while studying.

The mission of Prof. Garg is to empower students by providing them with accurate information, proper guidance, and unwavering support to make the best decisions regarding their education (BS, MS, or MBA) in the USA. His goal is to offer students a significant career leap and open doors to a multitude of opportunities. More than 200 engineering and management students have already benefited from Prof. Garg's advice, guidance, and support, achieving affordable education, scholarships, and part-time jobs that have led to final placements in the United States. He is dedicated to uplifting ambitious and dedicated students from India, offering his services free of charge.

For further information and to connect with Prof. Garg, please visit his LinkedIn profile at or explore his website at


You can also reach out to him via

WhatsApp at +91 8810602060 / 9868877774

or email him at

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