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Unveil Achievable & Affordable Opportunities in the USA
For the Best Placement of Students
Invite Prof. Sunil Garg for his Expert Seminars & Webinars

Highlights of Seminars and Webinars conducted by Prof. Sunil Garg for enlightening students about Achievable and Affordable Opportunities in the USA.

Prof. Sunil Garg has been rendering free services to students (over 300) for building their careers in the United States by offering the following services: 


  • Expert advice on the selection of the most suitable Course and University based on the profile evaluation of each student.  Easy Admissions at distinguished State Universities for an affordable education with campus jobs. 

  • Application assistance, SOP editing, easy educational loan, student Visa (F-1) for 5 years with training for an interview at US Embassy. Over 100 students have got their best matching program with 100% success in visa interviews. 

  • Post landing assistance, networking support on arrival in the USA, facilitating scholarships, campus jobs, and work while studying abroad.

  • Making global education affordable for the Best Placements and International Careers.

Universities should connect for expert seminars to promote Masters education as the best placements by enlightening students about:


- Explore the World of Global Education

- Doors to Higher Education – in USA & Abroad
- Achievable & Affordable MS or MBA in the USA
- Higher Education & Global Career Planning
- Affordable Higher Education – Doors for Global Career
- Global Career Planning for Engineering Students
- Study & Work for Affordable MS or MBA from US University
- Higher Studies - Opportunities at the Least Cost (no financial burden)
- Career Counseling for the Best Placements through Higher Studies

- For Class 12 students: BS in Computer Science with full tuition fees waiver for 4 years.

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