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Empowering Student Voices:
Unleashing the Power of Student Perspectives


Udit Mishra, India,
MS Construction Mgmt.

We are delighted to share the success story of Udit Mishra who came to us in 2019 with his B.Tech. Degree in Civil Engineering from a private university in Pune. He was not interested in a job of 30-40,000 rupees and wanted to do something big. 

We extensively guided Udit for his admission in MS in Construction Management at California State University East Bay.


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Priya Singh, India
MBA, Operation & SCM

Priya Singh did MBA from GGSIPU from Delhi and after being dissatisfied with her job in India, she approached Prof. Sunil Garg who guided and supported her with admission at California State University East Bay in Silicon Valley.  She joined CSU in August 2021.  Priya pursued an MBA in Supply Chain Management at California State University in Silicon Valley and secured a summer internship just nine months into her MBA, which eventually led to a job offer.



Gaurav Hooda, India
MS Computer Science

The MS in Computer Science program at CSUEB prepared me for every facet of software enginerring within the industry. The program perfectly blends theory with practical experience and provides a stong focus on the team collabrations in cources. The curricualm is remarkably constructed so that students get exposed to most of the major areas of computing and can apply thier learning immediatly. I was an international student with zero work experice when I entered CSUEB, and i felt i was ready to conquer the world when I left it. Currently, I am working as an SRE at Apple Inc.

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