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Invitation for Summer Program on Data Analysis by SF State University (July 2024)
Invitation for Summer Program on Data Analysis by SF State University (July 2024)

June - July 2024 (25 Days)


San Francisco

Invitation for Summer Program on Data Analysis by SF State University (July 2024)

(SF State University will issue J-1 visa invitation to each sponsored student free of cost) Indian Universities are invited to sign a Visiting Student Agreement (VSA) with San Francisco State University to enroll students for Summer Program 2024.

Program Timelines

June - July 2024 (25 Days)

San Francisco, 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132, USA

About The Program

Invitation for Summer Program on Data Analysis by California State University in San Francisco (July 2024).

San  Francisco is a scenic and remarkable city that holds significant  importance as a commercial, financial, and cultural hub, not only within  California but also on a global scale. Its strategic location in the  Bay Area, alongside its proximity to Silicon Valley, adds to its  prominence. The combination of natural beauty, technological prowess,  and cultural richness makes it an exceptional destination for students,  professionals, and enthusiasts alike. The city's influence and impact  extend beyond its geographical boundaries, making it a global capital  for innovation and a symbol of the modern world.

During  their stay, the students will have the chance to immerse themselves in  the multicultural atmosphere of San Francisco, which is known for its  diversity and innovation. They can explore the city's famous landmarks,  such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, and engage in  various cultural and recreational activities. The congenial stay will be  arranged in a safe and Central location in San Francisco city with 50  meals and a city transport pass for 25 days. The expected number of  interested students for a group is 20.

We  invite universities in India to enter into a global Visiting Student  Agreement (VSA) with San Francisco State University for the Summer  Internship 2024. By signing the VSA, Indian universities can  establish a formal partnership with San Francisco State University,  enabling them to send their students for the Summer Internship program,  including academic credit transfer. The program opens up new avenues for  student exchange between the two universities.​

Participating in a summer internship at San Francisco State University can provide valuable international exposure and practical experience to  Indian students. They will have the opportunity to engage with a  diverse academic community, collaborate with experts in their field, and  gain insights into the professional landscape of the United States. It  also opens doors for future partnerships and collaborations in various  fields.

Visiting  Student Agreement (VSA) will be signed by the San Francisco State  University. Confirm your university interest to obtain the SF State  University VSA invitation for countersigning by your University. Once  the VSA is signed, San Francisco State University will issue Exchange  Visitor Visa (J-1) invitations (DS-2019) for each student sponsored by  the Indian university. The success rate of J-1 visa approvals is around 95%.

The  process of visa application filling, appointment, and training for the  US Embassy interview will be arranged by us for each student  individually.

After  the grant of a US Visa, students have to pay the SF State residential  program fee of US$ 4,000 individually and buy Delhi to SFO round trip  Flight Ticket reaching San Francisco on 5th July 2024.

For  any questions or signing of VSA or the Summer Internship program,  please let us know. Universities interested in signing an agreement with  San Francisco State University for the credit-based summer program in  July 2024 should contact us and feel free to ask any doubt.

Best wishes,

Prof. Sunil Garg

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