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Lucrative Placements & Lifetime Empowerment

Over 70% of undergraduates (B.E., B.Tech., B.Sc., BCA) and 50% of postgraduates (M.Tech., MBA, MCA, M.Sc., M.Com.) coming out in large numbers every year are unable to get satisfactory jobs. Going for Higher Education is a golden opportunity for them and the need of the hour.

The objective of US Work Study is to offer affordable and internationally accredited Master's degrees and 3 years of work experience with multinational companies in the USA. On completion of the 2-year STEM-accredited Master’s degree, the students are eligible for full-time jobs at a starting salary of US$ 85K to 120K (Rs. 70 Lakhs to 1 Crore) per year. This empowerment will add value for Global jobs including high-tech jobs in India.

There are vast opportunities for Work-Study programs for International Students. The student can study and work together under the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) offered by some of our popular US Universities.

The programs are affordable to all students under our guidance and support. Easy educational loans are arranged by us for initial tuition fees and joining expenses.

STEM students will get F-1 visas for 5 years and can work for 3 years and save over Rs. 1 Crore with a prosperous life. Can also obtain a work visa (H1B) and continue further for a Green card.

Aspiring students are invited to ask any questions and share their resumes for our advice on the best matching program and university.

Best wishes for a dream career,

Prof. Sunil Garg

WhatsApp: +91 98688 77774

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