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Rise In Indian Students Enrolling In US Universities For Higher Education

The United States of America (U.S.A.) is the number one choice for Indian students aspiring to obtain higher education overseas. The number of Indian students studying in the US has increased by 25% from the previous year. Experts owe the rise in Indian students choosing the USA to the ease of entry norms to the US and the country's highest priority to maintain people-to-people contact.

There are about 165,918 Indian students studying in the US, comprising 15.9% of the 1 million and odd foreign students in the US for 2015-16.

To Attract Indian Students US B-Schools Increase Scholarships By 40%

Why do Indian students prefer the US for studying abroad?

  • Strong Asian community

  • World-class education

  • Variety of research-centric science and technology courses

  • Job-oriented management courses

  • A large number of scholarships and fellowships are offered red by the American government and Institutions

  • Part-time job opportunities

  • An American degree is regarded highly around the world.

Many research reports have revealed that an MBA and an MS in Biotechnology, Computers, and Electronics are among the most popular courses in the USA.

The UK is losing its popularity among Indian students: due to restrictions on post-study visas and India's refusal to treat UK's one-year master's degree courses on par with two-year post-graduate degrees back home.

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