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USA student visa (F-1) for 5 years granted to all students after admission.

Prof. Sunil Garg is a Global Admission Supporter & Career Adviser for the Best State Universities in the USA.

For ambitious students aspiring to study abroad with the best opportunities to match their merit, financial resources, educational loans and scholarships for easy admissions, and great job prospects for lifetime empowerment.

Under the guidance and support of Prof. Sunil Garg, students select an achievable and affordable Master's (MS / MBA) program with 3 years of OPT/CPT job authorization in the USA that would make a huge difference in their careers and financial position.

Wichita State University is ranked 77 among the Best Engineering Schools because of its excellence in Astronautical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Bioengineering Systems, Industrial, Mechanical Engineering, and Data Science Management (MS or MBA). Explore the options of engineering and computing at Wichita State University which allow students to have access to the largest engineering co-op and internship program in Kansas State.

Prof. Sunil Garg helps students of various streams to apply and get their education under the work and study programs for the NIL or LEAST expenses in the USA. Bachelor's (B.S.) program with international accreditation and global exposure through work authorization in the USA for Class 12 students.

U.S. education system works with modern technology aids and exceptional faculties along with amazing work opportunities under high-tech employment environments.

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